Document management

We can manage all parts of your information supply chain, starting before you have even received the data, and carrying on once you have finished processing it.


From data capture right through to archiving, we help you increase the speed and efficiency of your primary processes.

We go further than scanning and data entry. We can help you organise and manage your information supply chain in all sorts of ways, both for your paper and electronic information flows.


How does it work?

We can take care of your entire information flows and document supply chains, developing platforms that allow access to various users, for example. You decide what they can access and do on the platform by giving them certain rights and obligations. For instance, a call centre worker will have access to different information than the manager of a financial department will have.


Managing information flows: just a few examples

  • An online retailer receives orders through various channels each day and needs to get these orders out and delivered as soon as possible. We collect and supply the order details.


  • Every day, a laboratory collects information based on specimens gathered from locations across the entire country. Whether on paper or in electronic form, we collect this information so that the customer can use it to optimise its products.


  • A power company receives customer meter-reading cards through various channels (webforms, reply cards, by phone). We process all this information and supply it to our customer in a standardised format. The power company can then bill its customers and update its customer base accordingly.



  • We collect all inbound data, whether on paper or in electronic form, and supply this quickly and efficiently every day to one single (online) location in the format of your choice.


  • Supply-chain management: we provide you with a single point of contact for your entire document supply chain, regardless of the source of these documents. Scanning businesses, data-entry companies, form developers, work flow suppliers - wherever the information originates from we can handle it.


  • Whether you need scanning services, data entry services or complete supply-chain management, we can provide you with the best solution the market has to offer. 


Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about our document management services (or any of the other data and document services we offer) we'll be happy to help you.

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