Your partner in the digital processing of information

We live in a digital age, where information has to be available immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are more than happy to help you. We start by scanning, analysing and processing your data and images before sending this information directly to you. We have unlimited processing capacity to handle whatever you give us.

Postal automation

Our specialism is video coding: working quickly, efficiently and economically, we process the address details of any mail the postal service sorting machine is unable to read.


We also provide support for other postal processes, like digitising order forms, underpaid postage/postage due cards, lists parcel recognition and address details for return mail.


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Scanning and data entry

Businesses and organisations receive large quantities of information every day, information like invoices, claims and responses to mailings. Working for dozens of customers, we process these documents faster and more economically than any other company, always treating the information with the utmost care and keeping it absolutely confidential.


We also digitise other sorts of documents, like reply cards, surveys, order forms, timesheets and magazine coupons, to name just a few. And we work right through the night if necessary, ensuring our customers have what they need to get to work right away next morning.


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Document management

We go further than scanning and data entry, helping you organise and manage your information supply chain in all sorts of ways. In addition to print documents, we can process and manage information coming in by phone, e-mail or via your website too.


From data capture right through to archiving, we can guide all parts of your information supply chain, helping to increase the speed and efficiency of your primary processes.


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In cooperation with ConQuaestor, we offer those universities, institutes for higher professional education and regional training centres with innovation and sustainability high on their agenda a unique service.


Educational institutions benefit from greatly simplified logistical processes and the potential to realise considerable cost savings, thanks to SmartSyllabi.


Lecturers are able to submit study materials in any format they prefer, and can add notes to texts and distribute updates with ease.


Students benefit from SmartSyllabi through being able to refer to the interactive study materials they receive on any of the usual computing platforms. SmartSyllabi also allows them to share notes and selected sections of the study materials with their fellow students. All of their study materials now fit into one rucksack.


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