PostNL and ConQuaestor launch SmartSyllabi

PostNL and ConQuaestor launch SmartSyllabi

30 May 2012
Together, PostNL and ConQuaestor are offering educational institutions an innovative platform named SmartSyllabi. This online platform allows educational institutions to make course material available to their students, who are then able to view and use this on their own tablets, PCs or laptops. It is a solution that makes a considerable contribution to the creation of a mobile learning environment for education at universities, polytechnics and institutes for higher professional education.

Using the SmartSyllabi solution, students are able to go to a webshop and order course material for their course, pay for it and use it straight away on their iPad, Android tablet, PC or laptop. The course material conforms to the corporate identity of the institute in question and can be used both on- and offline. SmartSyllabi also enables students to share notes and highlighted sections with their lecturers and fellow students. This creates a new, interactive learning environment that is fully compatible with existing electronic learning solutions. New versions of the course material are automatically distributed to all of the devices onto which they have been downloaded so that issues of the day can be taken up and responded to.


SmartSyllabi makes course material available 24 hours a day and means that the material is platform- and publisher-independent. Students are also able to have their course material printed out using the printing on demand option.


SmartSyllabi includes a system for determining how each individual set of course material can be used - how long it can be used for, or whether it may be printed out, for example. The solution also contains a full reporting facility with details of the distribution and use of the course material. The educational institution is also provided with a report relating to royalties and copyright organisations.


PostNL and ConQuaestor will be presenting the platform at the Nationaal Congres Onderwijs & Sociale Media (the National Congress on Education & Social Media) tomorrow in Amsterdam.