Data processing/video coding by PostNL division Shore makes business operations more efficient

Data processing/video coding by PostNL division Shore makes business operations more efficient

26 July 2010
Companies and organisations with large volumes of documents can now take advantage of the solutions offered by PostNL division Shore, a new company that provides high-quality, fast and inexpensive data processing services using advanced software technologies.

PostNL division Shore is a partnership between PostNL and the global market leader SPi Global Solutions of the Philippines that makes it possible to digitalise various types of hand and machine-written documents, including invoices, reply cards (eg. from magazines), special offer forms and envelopes.


PostNL aspires to become the European market leader in large-scale data processing for logistics companies, such as postal services and publishing companies. The proper digitalisation of a variety of documents can help companies lower their logistical and administrative costs and enable them to better respond to customer requests by delivering their products and services more quickly. PostNL plans to use the services of Shore to decipher addresses on letters and postcards that are difficult to read by machine. A power company will also soon be using this digital data processing for meter readings on reply cards.


CEO of SPi Global Solutions Maulik Parekh said about the collaboration: "This partnership is extremely important for SPi because we can learn from one another in perfecting the technology and can use our combined strengths to open up a totally new market."


According to Harry Koorstra, member of the Board of Directors at PostNL: "This innovative step is an example of further development of the postal market. Thanks to our division Shore, our company, together with SPi Global Solutions, now has a solid,

future-proof solution for high-quality data processing. This solution is available to any European company wanting to outsource large volumes of data quickly and at highly competitive rates."