Sorting code no longer needed thanks to video coding

Sorting code no longer needed thanks to video coding

12 April 2011
Since 28 March 2011, the sorting code previously used for large-volume letter mail is no longer required. By making better use of the possibilities offered by video coding, this code is no longer needed to match a mail item with the information required for automatic sorting. The initial results have shown that this new process offers additional advantages as well.

Lower costs and satisfied customers

From the first measurements it has emerged that sorting equipment disruptions have dropped from 7 to 4 percent. The problems arose for example when polywrapped mail was being sorted. With this type of mail, a label first had to be affixed to the polywrap before a special code could be printed. The mail passes through the sorter very quickly and this sometimes resulted in a blockage.


Thanks to the new process, it is also possible to realise substantial savings on maintenance and material costs, simply because the rolls with the labels for affixing the special code on the items are no longer needed.


Mario Suykerbuyk, Director of Shore says, "This is also an improvement for our customers. It occasionally happened, for example, that the code was automatically printed over a company logo or an advertising message. Now we have a customer-focused solution that eliminates the need for this code, which might be of interest to other postal companies too."