No more hand sorting

No more hand sorting

14 September 2012
PostNL has joined forces with Neopost, a sorting machine supplier to try to banish hand sorting altogether. Over the years, postal operators have worked on automating their sorting systems. Optical character recognition (OCR) is essential for sorting but not a watertight solution. Depending on the quality, 5% to 20% of mail still has to be sorted by hand. The solution devised by Neopost and PostNL is able to almost completely cancel out hand sorting.

Together they are able to increase the 80 to 95% sorting results to almost 100%. The solution includes mail flows like return mail, prepaid mail and postage due. An extra benefit of the joint solution: it's basically a low investment revenue protection tool. This joint cost-effective solution will be presented at the Post-Expo 2012 and will be available to incumbent operators, alternative carriers and downstream access consolidators.



There are several reasons for postal operators to buy this joint solution:

  • During the critical sorting hours, usually in the evening, they no longer have to rely on the flexible labour force in their own sorting centres being willing and able to come to work.
  • Unforeseen peaks in mail volumes can now be handled with ease.
  • Postal operators are able to achieve growth in mail volumes without growth in the labour force and additional square metres of working space. These are not always available or, if they are, come at a high price.


Visit us at the Post-Expo from 18 - 20 September in Brussels at stand 2095. We will be happy to show you the possibilities.