Dealing with the Christmas peak

Traditionally the Christmas period is a busy time for logistics companies because of the many Christmas cards and Santa Parcels sent in December: Postal and Parcel Services process up to 40 % more volume than in a regular month. While unexpected volume peaks are common in logistics processing, the peaks during Christmas are more extreme. On top of that these volumes are often concentrated in only a few days. Customers satisfaction is highly at stake since delivery of the Christmas post is time critical because of the character of the event.


The majority of logistics companies accommodate these volume peaks by hiring extra personnel for collection, sorting, video coding and the delivery processes. Handling peaks this way however comes at a price. It implies high costs for recruiting, training and managing these temporary people. Nonetheless it remains hard to forecast how many people you have to employ and train. You never know whether the right number of coders will be available when you need them.


PostNL Shore solution

Instead of hiring temporary personnel locally, PostNL Shore offers highly and well-trained staff on demand by scaling up our specialist capacity abroad. These specialists are already permanently available for our own offshore video coding of illegible addresses on letters and parcels. Working quickly, efficiently and economically, our data entry staff can process the address details of any mail the postal service sorting machine is unable to read. They enter millions of address details every week. No more hassle with hiring, training and planning temporary employees.


Advantages of PostNL Shore solution:

  • Cheaper: at least 50% cost savings. Besides we offer a flexible cost model: pay per processed mail item or parcel.
  • Better: Our well trained data-entry staff work quickly and meticulously: quality increase of up to 10%.
  • Flexible: handling peaks is no problem: within minutes we can increase processing capacity by more than 500%.
  • Proven: expertise you can trust; we have implemented this solution for several European Postals


You, as a customer, stay in control. Implementing our solution doesn't need to cause big labour force consequences. PostNL Shore can for example just support when you experience peaks that you can't handle with your own staff by adding video coding capacity on demand. Flexibility is our core strength: we can rapidly increase the coding volume of mail items we can process.


Whether you want PostNL Shore to code all your Christmas letters or flats or just help you out by covering the peak volumes, we're ready. You will have a stress-free Christmas, save money and improve quality at the same time!


Highly accessible solution

The PostNL video coding solution is highly accessible. It is easier and quicker to implement than you might think. It could be as easy as giving access to your video coding system via a web based application or set up a remote desktop connection. Contact us now and we can help you this Christmas.


Free quick scan!

Discover how PostNL Shore can help by contacting us for a free peak-processing quick scan. In a conference call we will share our best practices and establish your needs and wishes. We don't just look at offshoring but offer a high level view on your entire video coding process so you can be confident that all aspect are taken into account.


Based on a quick scan of your technological capabilities, processes and infrastructure, we can establish quickly how offshoring through our solution will benefit your operations. After just one call you will have an insight into possible cost-savings and quality-gain and you will know the process to achieve those benefits.


What's there to lose? Contact us now and discover how PostNL Shore can help you deal with peaks in your mail sorting processes.