Postal automation

Up to 100% of mail and parcels successfully sorted!


PostNL recently won the Postal Technology International Award for its video-coding technology.


Want to see how video coding works? Watch the clip.

We help various postal services in Europe process the information they need to streamline their postal process. We do this, for example, for generic mail and parcel sorting processes as a means of limiting the number of rejects, collecting postage due, handling returned mail, processing response mail and handling COD items. The best known example is video coding used for addresses that the sorter is unable to read.


How does it work?

During video coding, an image is made of any handwritten addresses on letters or packages the automatic sorter is unable to read. This image is transmitted at amazing speed over a fully secure, redundantly configured connection to our processing site in Asia.


This image then appears on the monitor of the data-entry staff working on location. After quick and accurate entry of the address details, the data is transmitted back to the sorter, which can then automatically sort this mail. We provide this service to parts of PostNL and to other postal companies around the world.


Our data entry staff enter millions of address details every week. Flexibility is our core strength: we can rapidly increase the volume of addresses we can process - up to more than 500% in just minutes.

Our video coding process is unique to the market; during the POST-EXPO (the exhibition and conference for the world's postal , parcel and courier industry) in October 2010, Shore was awarded the Postal Technology International Award for its innovative solution.


Other mail documents we process

  • underpaid postage/postage due cards for revenue protection
  • order forms to request large volume bulk mail processing
  • address details for return mail
  • undeliverable mail
  • COD lists



  • High quality: Our well trained data-entry staff work quickly and meticulously, which is essential when supporting primary processes.


  • Flexibility: We can handle peaks no problem: within minutes we can increase processing capacity by more than 500%.


  • Low costs: Our data-entry costs are up to 70% lower than what can generally be expected in Western Europe. Offshoring pays.


Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about our postal automation services (or any of the other data and document services we offer), we'll be happy to help you.

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