Scanning and data entry

We live in a digital age, yet a lot of information is still only available in print form, in letters or archives for example.


PostNL digitises this information in no time at all using scanning and data entry.


Take a look at the process.

A lot of information is still only available in print form. We digitise this information by means of scanning and data entry. We digitise documents, often very large volumes, for dozens of international and national companies and organisations.

We scan documents in six European countries and operate data-entry facilities at different locations around the world, enabling us to work quickly and efficiently for multinationals as well.


How does it work?

We process the inbound information flows of dozens of companies, handling their invoices, reply cards, return flows, request forms, order forms, surveys and magazine coupons.

After scanning these documents and entering the data, we send the information to our customers over a secure data connection. The whole process is handled quickly and efficiently.


Just a few examples:

  • We scan important financial information and send this directly to the organisation over a secure data connection, enabling them to get their bills out faster. They get paid sooner, saving them time and money.


  • We can work through the night to scan the information, like customer meter-reading cards, laboratory documents and surveys, so that our customer has the information it needs in the morning. The customer can gain up to three or four days as a result.


  • We can provide billing information in clear, easy-to-process reports and financial statements.


  • For mail order businesses, we can collect customer orders from the postal flow, digitise the order information and send this on the company the same day, helping them to get their orders out faster.



  • Fast and efficient processing
    • Digitising speeds up document flows and makes them more efficient.
    • The data is immediately available, which is handy when it comes to processing orders or survey data, for example.
    • You do not have to deal with various suppliers: we provide a single point of contact.


  • High quality
    • Our well trained data-entry staff work quickly and meticulously.
    • Our data centres and data connections are secure, and we maintain fully redundant systems.
    • Privacy and confidentiality are assured.


  • Low costs
    • Our data-entry costs are up to 70% lower than what can generally be expected in Western Europe. Offshoring pays.


Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about our scanning and data entry services (or any of the other data and document services we offer) we'll be happy to help you.

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