A unique, innovative and sustainable service for universities, institutes for higher professional education and regional training centres, developed in cooperation with ConQuaestor.

Educational institutions benefit from greatly simplified logistical processes and the potential to realise considerable cost savings, thanks to SmartSyllabi.


Want to know how it works? Watch the video. 

How does it work?

Lecturers at universities, institutes for higher professional education and regional training centres submit the texts for syllabi, for example, to their educational institute, which then sends the texts on to us. We prepare the texts so that they comply with the educational institute's preferred layout and corporate identity. We then make the syllabi available to students through the educational institute's webshop. We also arrange for any royalties to be paid.


Students go to the webshop and, on payment, download the syllabus to their PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. We process payments and deliver the syllabus. If so desired, we arrange for students to receive a printed copy of the syllabus through printing-on-demand.


SmartSyllabi also offers lecturers and students the possibility of sharing notes with each other. Updates are easily distributed.


We use the leading VitalSource platform for supplying the study materials. VitalSource is a publisher-independent platform which, over the last ten years, has proven its capabilities around the world. It can also easily be integrated with existing learning environments, such as Blackboard.


Why are we able to do this?

As well as being the market leader in the Netherlands for deliveries, we specialise in the scanning, digitisation and printing of information. We are also active on the e-commerce market. Our activities include creating ready-for-use webshops, along with payment services, and providing logistic services to online retailers.


We have applied the knowledge gained from these activities to the digitisation of learning materials for educational institutes and universities.


Teaching materials are supplied through a tried-and-tested platform which is actively used by two million users at 600 educational institutes in more than 180 countries. In addition, 200 academic publishers make more than 80,000 titles available for download through the platform.



  • Better: Educational institutions are able to distribute teaching materials to their students more quickly and easily, with any payments and royalties being managed. Students have the most up-to-date versions of the teaching materials available to them at any time. Lecturers and students are able to exchange information and ask each other questions about the study materials. Students also receive automatic updates if a syllabus is modified.


  • Lower costs: The syllabi no longer need to be printed. Experience has shown that digital syllabi, compared to physical syllabi, can produce cost savings which run into double-digit percentages.


  • Tried and tested: The platform we use has been tried and tested by two million users at 600 educational institutes in more than 180 countries.


Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about SmartSyllabi, please contact us on 088 868 8680 or use the contact form.